Custom Wordpress Theme

My goal for this project was to not only make a great custom wordpress theme for The Client but also to make a theme that was as customisable as possible so that the Client could feel that they were the one with the design control. I added multiple functional elements to the admins customise panel on the wordpress theme that lets them add and remove information and images as well as change all the colours to whatever the admin desired. By doing this I have made my theme completely reusable and I could easily use this theme for another client if need be.

Check out the repository.
UX Process

During a meeting with The Client, I learnt that increasing the number of foot traffic through their doors was the main outcome that they wanted from their website. To ensure this, the website should offer an ability to donate as well as purchase tickets/tours. I individually showed The Client's current website to a selection of people that fit in the target audience and asked them to purchase a ticket, a tour and make a donation. 90% of people that were tested on struggled with adding items to their cart. They wished that the information was clearer and that it was easier to add items to their carts. More research showed that a lot of elderly and foreigners visited the establishment and it needed to be simple to ensure more successful ticket purchases. Through this research it became obvious that this system needed to have less clicks and a more foolproof design.


Consistency is key for a websites design layout as the user needs familiarity to know how to navigate successfully through the website. I ensured this by creating a clean and clear design that reuses elements in a way that people will recognise and understand. My design has the same header, footer and header image on every page to create a sense of familiarity. The key information about the establishment is always displayed in the same clear format. As this information is displayed with long line breaks it immediately draws the eye and ensures that there is a much smaller chance of scrolling past it. Everything that you can add to your cart is displayed in the same format and leaves little room for user error.


It is important that my site is accessible therefore I am ensuring that it works on all major browsers and viewports. Researching showed that Chrome, Edge/IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera were the main browsers i needed account for. I had to ensure that my theme was fully responsive and worked on all the main viewports. My site uses Bootstrap for its grid layout so I had to be conscious that it was supported on those browsers. WooCommerce is an open-source ecommerce plugin for WordPress that The Client will use to add products (Donations & Tickets). I have implemented the woocommerce files into my theme and have coded them to render out the appropriate products for each product type on the correct pages. The user will be able to go to the page they want, add the product to cart and proceed to checkout. The reason that I went with woocommerce is because it is one of the most used ecommerce wordpress plugins, so is therefore well trusted. It also has the necessary security and support needed.