Designer & Project Owner: Hannah Williams-Stewart
Developers: Katie French & Hannah Auckram
This was a freelance development project for a recent Massey University graduate who’s final project was nominated for the Massey University Best Awards. For the project, 10 designers were each given a disposable camera and 22 photograph guidelines. The designers would take photographs of what was relevant to them for that guideline and write a diary entry about whatever it was that they took a photograph of.

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The design for the website is based on displaying the images and diary entries of these different designers. You are able to filter and subfilter by the type of designer and by their employment type. Users can scroll through the content by clicking through the guidelines. If the user were to click onto an image on the guidelines page, they would be taken to the grid page where there is a bigger view of the diary/image. You can scroll up and down or click on any of the elements on either side to snap to them. The site displays the image over its corresponding diary entry but the user is able to flip them back and forth.


I worked alongside one other developer over the course of four weeks. Together we contributed to the project by pushing/pulling and merging our separate branches on Github. We also deployed the site via Github. This was a heavily Javascript focused project, where I learnt a lot really quickly.